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About Gold

Solid Gold

Solid Gold jewelry is the most valuable form of jewelry you can buy. Purity of gold is expressed as carats or karats. The purest form of gold is expressed as 24 carats and is very yellow in colour and soft in texture. Gold is one of the most valuable resources in the world that lasts a long time given proper care.

Gold Filled

Similar to gold plating, gold filled jewelries is also made with different base metal. In filled jewelry, the gold is melted onto the base metal through a mechanical process. By law, gold filled jewelry must contain 5% gold by weight to be categorized as such, which means the gold coating is generally much thicker than that of plated jewelry.

With proper care, this type of jewelry can last long but will inevitably undergo discoloration and tarnishing after time

Gold Plated

Gold Plated jewelry consists of a very thin layer of gold that is usually less than 1%. The base metals often used are brass or silver that takes a quick dip in gold bath–hence the plating.

This type of jewelry is low-cost but doesn’t last long as it fades easily when washed, rinsed, or rubbed too hard.